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Executives and Advisors


Yohei Shibasaki
Chief Executive Officer
1975, born in Tokyo. Grew up in London in his childhood. After graduating from Sophia University, he joined SONY Corporation. At Sony, he had been in charge of product planning for phone cameras, sales and marketing for semiconductors, and formatting diffusion for PlayStation3, executing global businesses with leading companies all over the world. Left from SONY in 2007 and founded Fourth Valley Concierge in the same year. Currently, Young Global Leaders 2013, World Economic Forum, part-time lecturer at Sophia University(2013-2016)and Advisor for Musashino University.
Yoshio Hamada
Executive Vice President and Director
After graduating Ritsumeikan University with a degree in business management in 1999, he joined SONY Corporation. In 2004, assigned to SONY Hong Kong and SONY China. At SONY Hong Kong, he contributed to expand the share of their DVD optical pickups. Later, he engaged in launching Blue Ray businesses of Hong Kong and Chinese manufacturers. Joined Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation in September 2010. Director and VP.
Aki Takeda
Executive Director
After graduating from the Faculty of Foreign Studies at Sophia University in 2002, she joined INCS INC. a manufacturing consulting (process solutions) company. At INCS, she belonged to the Business Group and engaged in purchasing, outsource management, process management, etc. After resigning from INCS, participated in the foundation of Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation in 2007. Director.

Katsuhiro Hashimoto
Executive Director
After graduating from Waseda University, School of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2006, joined Venture Link Corporation, a listed consulting firm.
Transferred to the career development department after 6 months of sales experience and took responsibility in fresh graduate recruiting.
Developed a new method of recruiting and increased the number of applications and offers by ten times.
Joined Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation in April 2009 and has been responsible for expanding the global recruiting business.
Tomohiro Iga
Executive Director
Graduated from school of commerce at Hitotsubashi University in 1994. Joined Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan Ltd. and was in charge of corporate revitalization. After 2003, joined Private equity fund, Kiacon and was in acquisition project to one the Japanese biggest retail companies. In 2005, participated in establishment of Revamp Corporation and in charge of several investment projects, managing administrative department of the client and CEO of the client . In March 2014, joined Fourth Valley Concierge.
Shigehide Onoda
Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University in 1999. Joined Hitachi, Ltd. and engaged in IT business in Government Sales Division. In 2005, joined Dell and contributed to expanding global market share of PC business. After gaining an MBA degree from Vanderbilt University, joined Diagnostics Division at Johnson & Johnson in 2009. After engaged in marketing in the US headquarter, led marketing in Clinical Laboratory business in Japan. Joined Fourth Valley Concierge in 2016.

Advisory Board Members

Nobuyuki Idei
Joined Sony Corporation in 1960. Appointed a board director in 1899 after establishing overseas operations. Served as president from 1995 to 2000, chairman and Group CEO from 2000 to 2005. Currently founder and CEO of Quantum Leaps Corporation, from 2006, president of non-profit organization, Asia Innovators' Initiative, as well as director of Accenture, Baidu, Freebit Co.,Ltd., Lenovo Group, and Monex Group. Also takes roles of Professor at Overseas Education College of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and advisory board member of DeNA.
Takashi Sawada
Joined ITOCHU Corporation in 1981. Joined Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. in 1997, and became Vice President in 1998. Established KIACON in 2003, founded Revamp Corporation in Oct. 2005 serving as President and CEO, became Chairman in Apr. 2016. Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer, Assistant to President of FamilyMart Co.,Ltd. in May 2016, became Representative Director and President in Sep. 2016.
Hirotaka Takeuchi
After graduating from ICU in 1969, received MBA and PhD from UC Berkley. Has working experience at McCann Erickson and McKinsey & Company. Became professor emeritus of Hitotsubashi University and Harvard Business School Professor in 2010. Holds expertise in competitive strategy, knowledge management, Marketing (new products) and International business. Major published works include "The Knowledge-Creating Company" (received the Best Book of the Year award for management books by the Association of American Publishers, 1995) and "The Wise Leader" (cover article of Harvard Business Review's May 2011 issue), both co-authored with Ikujiro Nonaka. ”World’s TOP 10 MBA Professors for internal company training”, Business Week, Oct 1993. “Intellectual Leaders for the young generations with a global perspective for future Japan”, Fortune, April 1996.
Koichiro Yoshikoshi
After studying at Universitaet Heidelberg, Germany, graduated from Sophia University Faculty of Foreign Language in German in 1972. After experiences in German Agricultural Marketing Board, Melita Japan and Hong Kong, joined Trimph International (HK) in 1983. Took the role of Regional Marketing Manager. During his tenure as top management at Trimph International Japan, served as Executive Vice President, and President/CEO until leaving in 2006. Trimph International Japan has increased in income and profit for 19 consecutive years as a result of its “quick decision” policy. Selected as "TOP 100 Company Leaders" in 2004 by Nikkei. Received the 37th Best Dresser Awards (Politics/Economy section). Currently, Representative of Yoshikoshi Office.
Masami Komatsu
After graduating from university in 2000, founded Music Securities, Inc, providing micro-investment platforms such as “music fund” to support artists. Converted it to a joint-stock corporation in 2002, takes the role of CEO. Degree from Waseda University Graduate School of Finance, Accounting and Law. Elected as the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders 2013.
Severine Pin
Graduated from HEC. School of Management in 1993. Worked in the field of consulting and finance at international Accounting firm, Arthur Andersen and Unibail, the largest commercial real estate investment firm in the EU. After 6 years in Switzerland working in private banking she became CFO for Eurosport, a British TV channel. Joined Fourth Valley Concierge in 2011.


Yoshinori Yamada
Joined Yasuda Mutual Life Insurance Company (current Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company) in 1969. In 1999, became the Managing Director and continued to serve as Deputy Manager and West Japan General Manager until 2003. After retirement served as the president and director of insurance confirmation company JC. 2008-2012 Audit & Supervisory Board Member of Mizuho Trust & Banking co., Ltd.
Hiroto Kawano
Part-time Auditor
Certified Accountant
1997 Join Ota-Showa Accounting Firm (current Ernst & Young ShinNihon LLC)
2001 Join Nikko Cordial Securities Inc. (current SMBC Nikko Securities Inc.)
2003 Establish Kawano Accounting Firm. President.
Has rich experience in IPO supports, and consulting in the fields of management/accounting/tax affairs.

Legal Advisors

Tatsuki Nakayama
Legal Advisors
Graduated from both University of Tokyo and National University of Singapore, Faculty of Law. Joined law firms such as Miyake & Yamazaki and Drew & Napier LLC. Currently act as a represented lawyer and international legal advisor in Nakayama & Partners. Have been in important positions at the Pacific Rim Bar Association (Inter-pacific Bar Association)