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Message from our CEO『Vigorously Supporting the International mobility of the young talent』

In 2007, Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation’s venture started in a small room in Tokyo. Since then, we have always been aiming to become a leading Japanese company in the world by providing global and innovative services and our goal is to bring dream and hope to the young talents from all over the world.

Although we are today living in a global economy, there are limited opportunities for young people who want to take challenges beyond the borders of the country they live in. Through our mission of "offering opportunities to seize global challenges", we have been creating a global network by visiting universities and companies worldwide. Currently, we have a rich database of nearly 200,000 registrants from approx. 130 countries under our brand, TOP CAREER.

We provide support to those who are looking for exchange programs, internships, and overseas careers. We will keep on striving to increase our database to a million registrants in order to network global top professionals from various fields ranging from business to sports to cooking, etc., and establish 100 branches in the next 5 years to become a global company which will provide dream and hope to young talents all over the world.


April, 2013
Founder and CEO
Yohei Shibasaki