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Message from our CEO『New Lifestyles for the World with "Connect"』


In 2007, Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation's venture started in a small room in Tokyo. Since then, we have always been aiming to become a leading company in the world by providing global and innovative services.
With our corporate mission "New Lifestyles for the World", our goal is to change people's existing geographical barrier, and to bring dreams and hopes to the talents all around the world.

Our service "Connect" platform (previously TOP CAREER) is now appreciated by both companies and talents around the world, providing various and thorough supports related to global job opportunities and recruitment. Our database has grown to more than 200,000 registrants from approx. 130 countries.

Although today we live in a global economy, there are still limited opportunities for young people who want to take challenges beyond the borders of the country they live in.
We will continue to be committed in creating more global opportunities around the world for a brighter and better future for all.

December, 2019
Founder and CEO
Yohei Shibasaki