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About Connect Job

Fourth Valley Concierge is a global consulting company with the mission to create "New lifestyles for the world" and to become the hub for global talents and companies worldwide.

Our service Connect Job (previously known as TOP CAREER) holds rich network of global talents coming from our relationships with more than 700 universities around the world as well as the trust from talents we have been involved in. We offer solutions for various obstacles that companies

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We have established our overseas office, Fourth Valley Concierge Company Limited., in Yangon, Myanmar.


Rebranding Our Service Name & Logo.
CEO Yohei Shibasaki is attending the World Economic Forum in Davos. He is invited as a panelist at one of the sessions of the WEF Conference.
Our employee's comments about attaining a permanent residency in Japan was introduced in Japan Times.
Our Japanese Cross-Cultural Course, which will be launched at the Indian Institute of Technology, was introduced in Nikkei Shinbun.
Our CEO was introduced in Nikkei newspaper. "Promoting overseas talent, Nurture them as a leader"
We held Award Ceremony "ACECOOK VIETNAM TOP CAREER Global Scholarship" at Vietnam.
CEO Shibasaki gave a lecture at the Kyushu University.
Cooperated with a student career tour of Asian Top University "Hong Kong University". We held a seminar at our company.
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