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Website Policy

Terms and Conditions of Use for the Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation Website

Article 1  Scope of Application and Modification
  1. 1. The website policy (hereinafter “the contract”) of Fourth Valley Concierge Corporation(hereinafter ”FVC”) is applied to all circumstances between the user and FVC.
  2. 2. FVC may modify the content of the contract without prior notice to the users. In case the modification takes place, the rules of the modified contract shall be applied, and users shall be deemed to agree to the modification
Article 2  Intellectual Property
The information posted on the website belongs to FVC or a third party approving to post the information. The users shall understand all copyrights and other rights shall belong to FVC or the third party, and shall treat the information with care.
Article 3  Link
Please inform us before linking to the FVC website. FVC may modify the address or content without prior notice. FVC shall not be responsible of the contents or privacy policy of the linked websites.
Article 4  Exemptions
The information on this Website is provided with the greatest care. However, FVC assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage arising from the use of this Website.
Article 5  Governing Law
The contract is subject to, the laws of Japan regardless of the conflict of laws.
Article 6  Jurisdiction
  1. 1. Any disputes arising shall be solved by mutual negotiation.
  2. 2. In case the dispute may not be solved by negotiation, it shall be referred to the Tokyo District Court as the court of exclusive jurisdiction.
Article 7  Validity of the Contract
The contract shall be effective as of November 26, 2007.

Enactment:November 26, 2007